Project News

The third meeting of the Project was held on October 7 at Chalmers, Gothenburg. The host of the meeting was Professor Patrik Johansson.

The meeting was attended by Patrik Johansson and Zaher Slim from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Zoran Mandić, Grgur Mihalinec and Paola Grebenar from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Zagreb, and Vladimir Panić, Gavrilo Šekularac and Jovana Bošnjaković from the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade. 

During the meeting, representatives of the partners presented a progress report for the activities performed in Gothenburg, Belgrade and Zagreb. The presentations were held by Zaher Slim, Gavrilo Šekularac and Grgur Mihalinec. The results demonstrated significant advances in the understanding of Ca/electrolyte interfaces, which might lead to the improvement of the kinetics and reversibility of Ca deposition and stripping. Also, new catalysts for the oxygen reduction/evolution were designed with a potential for the application in the reversible Ca/O2 battery. At the end, the elements of the six-month report on the implementation of the planned activities were determined and next meeting was set to take place in Croatia in June or September 2024.

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